Watch: Kate Nash Documentary 'Underestimate The Girl' On BBC iPlayer For Free

on Thursday, July 11, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Somewhat unexpectedly, a Kate Nash documentary recently dropped on BBC iPlayer. Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl joins the likes of must-see Oscar-nominated doc 'Minding The Gap' as part of 2019's BBC Storyville brand. A chronicle of Kate Nash, and not just Kate Nash: The Popstar, or Kate Nash: The Rockstar, as she prefers. Or perhaps even now, having starred in Netflix's excellent 'GLOW' series, Kate Nash: The Actress.

Directed by Amy Goldstein, Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl is a warts-and-all* documentary of Nash's career. From teenage MySpace demos and working in Nando's to major label success, we are plunged into her subsequent challenges as an independent artist, shifting towards a more punk-led sound (such as on '3AM', the lead single to her third album, 'Girl Talk') and exploring almost any other opportunities that will allow her to pursue her art.

The film understandably places Nash centre-stage, frequently using Nash-directed vlogs with the artist simply speaking to camera - indeed, these sometimes appear more polished than the actual sit-down elements, where the camera occasionally and distractingly moves out of focus. The rough-around-the-edges feel is somewhat appropriate however, with Nash's own leanings towards a more DIY/outsider style.

With Nash still being a recognisable name in many households, it's perhaps surprising to see the extent of her struggles. Although this is undoubtedly an important aspect of the documentary - the clich├ęs of a cut-throat music industry are steeped in a dark truth, particularly for female artists. As much as 'Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl' is a personal story, it evokes a wider sense of responsibility in encouraging fearlessness, daring us to be different.

* - well, apart from overlooking her divisive debut single 'Caroline's A Victim' on Moshi Moshi, which is probably for the best.

Kate Nash - '3AM'

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