Surfacing: London Artist Fauness Continues Her Upward Trajectory With New EP, 'Lashes In A Landfill'

on Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Rosie Matheson

"It's not my engine that's broken, it's the brakes." We were a bit late to emerging London artist Fauness's debut single 'Street Song', which came out in late 2018. Considering its Purity Ring-esque brilliance, we're surprised that the musician hasn't
entranced the masses. That track would subsequently appear on her debut EP, 'Toxic Feminity', which has now been followed up with a new EP, 'Lashes In A Landfill'.

Perhaps surprisingly, a year on from her striking debut, there aren't too many IRL details of the person behind Fauness. She had the immediate backing of producer Jam City's Earthly Records, who have put out both the Fauness EPs, which hints at a prior connection. Regardless, we've been very impressed by both her versatility and consistency, culminating in the recently released 'Lashes In A Landfill' EP.

Tracks like the hypnotically woozy 'Inanimate Girl' and the sad-pop melancholy of the environmentally minded 'Soon There Will Be No Summer' ("humankind is not designed for summertime") contrast the bombast of her debut single, 'Street Song', marking Fauness as one of the most fascinating acts in the UK today. And judging by the metrics on her various online accounts, one of the most underrated artists going.

Fauness - 'Street Song'

Fauness - 'Soon There Will Be No Summer'

Fauness - 'Inanimate Girl'

'Lashes In A Landfill' is out now. Find more info and purchase Fauness music at

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