Listen: Maryland Synth-Pop Trio Prinze George Encourage You To 'Stay Up' With Them

on Monday, November 18, 2019
Words: Saam Das

With the fall-out of a disastrous UK TV interview by Prince Andrew still ongoing this week, Prinze George are probably quite happy that they didn't call themselves Prinze Andrew. Fortunately, these synth-poppers from Prince George County are more focussed on delivering a storming comeback single in the form of clap-tastic 'Stay Up'.

The Maryland trio have been going since 2013, and in recent times have formed a rich collaboration with Las Vegas EDM proponent DJ Carnage, such as on 2019 singles 'Letting People Go' and 'Slot Machine'. 'Stay Up' is their first material singularly under the Prinze George name since 2018's 'Airborne' EP, and its yearning lyrical theme and bouncy electro-pop leaves us wanting much more.

Prinze George - 'Stay Up'

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