Surfacing: SAM DOTIA Unveils His Soulful Sounds With 'Uriah's Cry' [New Act]

on Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Hoping to move ahead of Sampdoria FC in the results of certain search engines, London artist SAM DOTIA (sharing our penchant for capital letters) has been honing his musicianship over the last couple of years - culminating in the quiet beauty of debut single 'Uriah's Cry'. The track comes with 71 second accompaniment, 'Requiem 48', which you can also listen to below.

The soulful vocals are of particular note in SAM DOTIA's material, wisely opted for an uncluttered approach to 'Uriah's Cry'. Its acoustic basis and hummed melodies provide an enveloping warmth, extended on the lyric-less 'Requiem 48'. The latter track is something of a contrast to one of the musician's earlier efforts, 'Heaven', a lilting folk number led by spoken word. SAM DOTIA's versatility and authenticity already lends favourable comparison to the likes of fellow Londoners James Blake and Sampha.

Sam Dotia - 'Uriah's Cry'

Sam Dotia - 'Requiem 48'

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