Surfacing: 'Badlands' Welcomes Us To The Pop-Noir Of Dark Tropics

on Saturday, February 15, 2020
Words: Saam Das

James Cameron's 1984 classic 'The Terminator' introduced us to TECHNOIR, a nightclub within the film but also a wider genre mix of film noir and sci-fi. In 2020, new Irish duo Dark Tropics have delivered their debut "pop-noir" single, with the enveloping (and possibly Terence Malick-inspired) 'Badlands'. Dark Tropics by name, dark music by nature.

Lending a sombre mood to Valentine's Day, 'Badlands' evokes the likes of Lou Reed, Regina Spektor, and Anna Calvi, while also leaning into more classical sounds with its melodramatic piano and strings. Joining quality acts like Ryan Vail and Beauty Sleep on Belfast's Quiet Arch record label, we're sure they'll be building on this assured opener.

Dark Tropics - 'Badlands'

'Badlands' is out now via Quiet Arch. Find more info on Dark Tropics at

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