Year In Review: Ten Of The Best Pop Tracks From 2019 That You May Have Missed

on Thursday, December 31, 2020

Words: Saam Das

Having already skipped past the whole of 2020 for our recent top tracks list of 2019, we figured we'd compile a bonus list of more pop-led offerings from the same year that you may well have missed. Again, we've tried to mix in some of the more well known acts such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX with some lesser known ones, opting for an alphabetical order approach.

AJR – '100 Bad Days'

"100 bad days make 100 good stories, 100 good stories make me interesting at parties." A sentiment that we can get behind, although the party element is very much on hold at the moment. The Met brothers (Adam, Jack, Ryan) twiddled all the knobs for this widescreen pop bop.

Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Too Much'

One of the more understated tracks from the Carly Rae Jepsen back catalogue, particularly compared to the likes of all-time bangers like 'Call Me Maybe' and 'Cut To The Feeling', but nonetheless one of her best. A head-nodding, foot-tapping earworm.

Charli XCX - 'Blame It On Your Love' (feat. Lizzo)

Somewhat confusingly, 'Blame It On Your Love' was the original version of the final track of Charli XCX’s 2017 mixtape 'Pop2', albeit admittedly bearing a notable placeholder title of Track 10 for such a juggernaut. The finalised version of the track toned down the former’s more experimental nature, while adding a 'Boom Clap'-esque singalong chorus and the all-conquering Lizzo as a guest to create one of 2019’s most exciting pop collabs.

Dan Priddy – 'Dopamine'

A producer for such notable acts as BASTILLE, Rag’n’Bone Man, and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, it was great to see Dan Priddy return more directly to the musical fold under his own name, having previously having released music under the moniker BRAQUE. A follow up to the suitably giddy 'Dopamine' is long awaited.

Dillon Francis – 'Catchy Song' (feat. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay)

It was always going to be an uphill challenge to better 'The LEGO Movie' and its irresistibly infectious Everything Is Awesome but 'The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part' did an admirable job, in part thanks to its appropriately titled 'Catchy Song'. A double win for T-Pain, whose majestic 2019 autotune-less performances on 'The Masked Singer' in the US quite rightly floored audiences.

Girli – 'Deal With It'

Londoner Milly Toomey’s debut album 'Odd One Out' made our list of best albums of 2019, with a particular standout in the form of the raucous 'Deal With It'. Forget Girl Power, this was an apt demonstration of Girli Power.

Katy Perry - 'Small Talk'

Co-written and co-produced by burgeoning popstar Charlie Puth no less, unfortunately Katy Perry’s 'Small Talk' was unfairly derided due to its limited commercial performance. A perfectly refreshing slice of top pop.

Kieran Shudall + Heather Shudall - 'Everything Is Better'

Part of a star-studded soundtrack for the surprisingly great animation 'A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon', which included names like Kylie Minogue, Jorja Smith, and Rat Boy. Circa WavesKieran Shudall and wife Heather combined for the positively delightful happy-go-lucky hook-laden 'Everything Is Better', and hopefully not their last collab.

Sarah Close – 'Almost'

We’re really hoping that Sarah Close might see more mainstream attention in 2021 that her consistently brilliant pop music deserves. We were somewhat surprised to see PRIDES drummer Lewis Gardiner turn up on production for 'Almost', but it was another apt team up for Close, who also counts the likes of Fyfe and Frances as recent collaborators.

Sylva Faye – 'Centrefold'

We can imagine few things better to remove us from the ongoing difficulties of 2020 by looking back to Sylva Faye’s otherworldly 'Centrefold'. A beautiful folk song underpinned by Faye’s elegant vocals.

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