Surfacing: Composer Thom Robson And The Good Natured's Sarah McIntosh Team Up For Wnderland Project [New Band]

on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Words: Saam Das

As 2020 passes us by shortly, we've been reflecting on the manner in which the pandemic must have arrested the development of many a new band. Even dab hands like Wnderland, a duo comprised of Sarah McIntosh (the driving force behind such stellar acts as The Good Natured, Lovestarrs, and Sazzie) and experienced composer Thom Robson, likely saw their progress stalled. Catch up on their brooding synth debut tracks, 'Changing' and 'Who Are You' below.

Both 'Who Are You' and 'Changing' offer their own delicate downtempo yet melodic ambience, quietly captivating. Wnderland's marketing approach is similarly understated, with a notable absence of photos of the duo and a bio, so we suspect their 2020 activities may have been something of a 'soft' launch. We're hoping/expecting that Wnderland make a bigger splash in 2021.


Wnderland - 'Changing'


Wnderland - 'Who Are You'


Purchase the tracks at Bandcamp, and find more info on

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