Singles: July 2010

on Thursday, August 05, 2010
Words: Saam Das

July was a bit of a disappointing month for singles. Few, if any, amazing releases and some of the best ones were re-releases ('Stillness Is The Move' and 'Fire Escape'), which I don't like talking about because it might suggest I endorse such blatant cash grabs. Maybe I'm being overly harsh.

In other respects though, I'm being far too lenient giving Adam Lambert (of 'American Idol' fame) a free pass - I have enjoyed watching all his fans comment on the (typically scathing) reviews of his single, which I shit you not, is called 'Whataya Want From Me'. Adam, I would like better spelling and grammar please. Anyway, I'm being a massive hypocrite because Jedward's new single is featured below. Amazing picture this month though, right?

Wilder - 'Girls vs Boys' (Release Date: 26th July)

DOWNLOAD: Wilder - Girls Vs. Boys

Coming over all ELECTRO to begin with, 'Girls vs Boys' takes a handbrake turn into more exuberantly poppy territory, ending up a bit like Friendly Fires meets The Strokes. Best use of "HEY!" in a song since The Ramones. Single of the month.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. Q-Tip and MNDR - Bang Bang Bang (12th)

STREAM: Mark Ronson ft Q-Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

OKAY. I give in. I wanted to hate this because Mark Ronson is ridiculously smug but instead, I must applaud him on near-pop-perfection. The chorus is particularly brilliant, with inspired use of of French lyrics from 'Alouette'. Not sure who the Business Intl are but rapper Q-Tip and electro hottie MNDR guest on the track.

Jedward - 'All The Small Things' (18th)

It would be too easy to rubbish reality TV "sensations" Jedward's newest cover, 'All The Small Things', originally written by Blink 182. Good thing, I like it then. Apart from the god awful "J-to-tha-E-to-tha-D-to-the-WARD....Planet Jedward" bit. Other than that, it's a lot of fun. Just like the original. And the black and white sequences in the shambolic video are disturbingly hypnotic.

Spark - 'Shut Out The Moon' (12th)

DOWNLOAD: Spark - Shut Out The Moon (Demo)

Bombastic debut single from tipped London teenager. Last week she signed to 679 Recordings (home of The Streets, Marina & The Diamonds, Little Boots etc) so expect to hear more from her soon. Be excited, be very excited.

Kyte - 'Designed For Damage' (26th)

STREAM: Kyte - Designed for Damage

I'm not sure I've ever written anything about Kyte on the blog, which is pretty shameful. 'Designed For Damage' is an other-worldly epic. Slow burning, widescreen pop at its finest.

Beat The Radar - 'By The Sea' (12th)
[Listen on MySpace]

I'm hearing some of the best bits of Idlewild and Feeder in 'By The Sea', along with the eye for melody that Northern contemporaries The Sunshine Underground share. Ultimately though, it's not quite the sum of its parts but nonetheless, I intend to seek out the debut album from which 'By The Sea' emerged.

Savoir Adore - 'We Talk Like Machines' (26th)

DOWNLOAD: Savoir Adore - We Talk Like Machines

The hype magnet has long been attracted to this American duo, who sound fairly reminiscent of fellow Brooklyn band MGMT. Well, at least first-album-era MGMT. But more mellow and packing an especially wonderful, melodic chorus.

School Of Seven Bells - 'Windstorm' (19th)

STREAM: School of Seven Bells - Windstorm

I'm still yet to make the effort to really get into School Of Seven Bells, formed by Benjamin Curtis, who left Secret Machines to focus on this band. On the basis of this magical, swirling single, I should really be trying harder.

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