BBC iPlayer: Film 2010 (With Claudia Winkleman) Episode One

on Thursday, October 14, 2010
Words: Saam Das

'Film 2010' (Aired: 13 October 2010)

Claudia Winkleman made her debut as the new host off BBC's flagship film programme, replacing Jonathan Ross. Before I launch into my thoughts on the quality of the new presenter(s) and format, the first episode appears to have been fairly successful, pulling in 1.1 million viewers.

Many expected Mark Kermode to take the reins of the programme after Ross departed earlier in the year. Winkleman was widely seen as an leftfield choice, lacking a certain standing in the film arena, although she has many years of experience as both a television and radio presenter. Perhaps in an attempt to counteract this, the new format of the programme sees her joined by a co-presenter, Danny Leigh as well as a team of on-screen contributors - Antonia Quirke, Empire Magazine's Chris Hewitt, and Ultra Culture blogger Charlie Lyne.

The new show is also live and Winkleman invited viewers to join in by tweeting using #bbcfilm2010. I'm not a fan of live tweeting so that's pretty rubbish for me but arguably a welcome piece of democratisation on the programme. Might as well take advantage so here's some thoughts from those Tweeters:

Mixed thoughts here on Claudia Winkleman's (@ClaudiaWinkle) performance as host. I left the really harsh comments out. More of my thoughts at the end of the post.

@OJMLLOYD - "Brilliant @ClaudiaWinkle - fresh, dynamic and engaging for the film buff and the casual movie-goer"
@buyingagent - "#bbcfilm2010 last night was a right mess. Presenter should have real knowledge and passion."
@Mentazm - "love @Claudiawinkle but seems like an episode of newsround, hate the voxpop critics"

I wish I could support my fellow blogger more but unfortunately Charlie's immense wit appears to work better on a computer screen. His "top 5 scenes with the Moon in" wasn't well received either. A pop about his youthful looks would be a cheap shot so I'll leave that to the Tweets. I'm hoping he finds his ground as the series continues.

@3songsnoflash - "Charlie Lyne? Charlie Lyne, Really? That's a name born to be in the media industry."
@Kellyisablade - "Just watching #BBCFilm2010 & I want to feed @ultraculture shepherds pie. He's cute, what's up with people dissing him?? Well done mate x"
@eatsleepjordan - "I actually enjoyed #BBCFilm2010 but that Moon list thing? That kid knows nothing!"
@wizardweb - "Lose the boy and the top 5's and it'll be 100% better. Claudia's question/monologues were annoying too"
@DannyHopwood - "I'm happy with #bbcfilm2010 format. Agree with many on the "token blogger", they've maybe pushed modernising it a little too much there."

There seems to be little argument that with Ross at the helm, the programme was a bit more intellectually worthy but there is debate about whether that's a good thing or not. I'm willing to give the programme a chance but I do share the qualms about it being live. Although that might have deprived us of a pretty ridiculous (but fun!) interview with Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan who were perhaps enjoying the London Film Festival party a bit too much.

@marblefawn - "Am I the only one who prefers the new Film 2010? #bbcfilm2010"
@Scotbot - "Film 2010 has been dumbed-down for Heat readers. A vaccuous surrender to celebrity & bereft of intelligent critique."
@The_Shiznit - "I rather enjoyed #bbcfilm2010. Less scripted, bit more banter, nice variety. Winkleman always unpredictable. B+"
@patrickdunseath - "well done! almost feels like the show has become accessible now!"
@ScotsWhayHae - "so #bbcfilm2010 is live. Why? Unnecessary trouble for the sake of always overrated audience interaction. Interviews, clips & reviews. Simple"
@Jake_Kanter - "If I wanted to know what Tweeters thought of films, I would look on Twitter. Give me some expert analysis."

Now, obviously there were some extremist comments but we're only one episode in so let's give it a chance. As for my thoughts, well...the episode covered David Fincher's incredible new film 'The Social Network', the new 'Despicable Me' animated feature and had some live chat from the LFF opening party for 'Never Let Me Go'. While Winkleman opened the programme fairly unconvincingly, her discussion with Danny Leigh about 'The Social Network' was flowing, adept and engaging. In fact, as the programme went on, Winkleman settled in further. Maybe she'd had a sneaky drink at some point? The cast of 'Never Let Me Go' certainly had.

It was a bit hurried. It was a bit lightweight in terms of analysis. But at the moment, my evaluation of the show is probably best summed up by @SILV3R - "Actually quite liked #bbcfilm2010. Mind you, I've always had a bit of a thing for Claudia Winkleman."

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