Surfacing: Mammal Club

on Friday, October 15, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Continuing the seemingly neverending saga of In The City festival band posts, I present Mammal Club from "oop North". I initially thought they formed in early 2009, adding former Yourcodenameis:Milo guitarist Adam Hiles to their ranks then. BUT NO. He was around long before and they simply changed names from The Eye Jab, who were on the XL imprint Salvia.

Anyway, enough of my investigative journalism. Time for some lazy journalism. Arguably, not even journalism at all. Andrew Marr certainly doesn't think so.

I won't look past the obvious reference points for Mammal Club - they sound like a mix between the new ethereal sound Foals have so magnificently mastered and the hyperactive, experimental pop that is currently being harnessed by Everything Everything. Obviously, that's a rubbish over-simplification of Mammal Club's music, and if there's one thing that their music isn't - it's simple. It's complex and more importantly, it's brilliant.

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD LINK: Mammal Club - Put Your Fears In Order

A single release is forthcoming through Everybody's Stalking.

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