Surfacing: Let's Buy Happiness

on Thursday, October 14, 2010
Words: Saam Das

One band I expect to "blow up" from their appearance at In The City is Let's Buy Happiness. In fact, I'll be disappointed if they don't. Not that they're lacking in recognition even at such an early stage in their career, having made a significant impression at this year's Glastonbury Emerging talent competition.

Older readers might know of my love for Southampton's Thomas Tantrum - who are a band, not a singer-songwriter or anything like that. The first time I heard Let's Buy Happiness, I was struck by similarities between Sarah Hall's vocals for Let's Buy Happiness and Megan Thomas, the lead vocalist of Thomas Tantrum. The similarities between the bands pretty much end there though.

Unlike Thomas Tantrum's spiky art-pop, Let's Buy Happiness produce epic, atmospheric soundscapes set against celestial vocals. And even though there are some American(a) influences, there's also something quintessentially and wonderfully British about Let's Buy Happiness. Let's buy happiness? No need. Just listen to this lot. They're certainly doing the job for Robin over at Breaking More Waves.

The band are giving away 'Devil Show' from their debut EP, 'No Hot Ashes'. Download the track below and listen to the EP in full in the embedded widget.

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD LINK: Let's Buy Happiness - Devil Show

<a href="">No Hot Ashes EP by Let's Buy Happiness</a>

Listen to and pre-order the debut single 'Six Wolves' from the Let's Buy Happiness Bandcamp.

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