Surfacing: Stealing Sheep

on Thursday, October 14, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Continuing on from my In The City festival coverage despite not actually being there, here are Liverpool-based trio Stealing Sheep. Who co-incidentally happen to be on the same label as Sophie's Pigeons. We salute you Red Deer Club.

Anyway, back to the band. Remember the "sirens" from Greek mythology? Well, Stealing Sheep are a lot like them - luring us poor saps with their irresistible harmonies. Unlike the sirens though, I'm assuming they won't lead us to our peril. Hopefully. Stealing Sheep capture that same magical folk essence as Blue Roses and First Aid Kit, producing a beautifully enchanting sound. Almost like the sound of falling in love.

Stream 'Shoot The Ducks To Win' below and download a BBC 6Music session from the widget.

STREAM: Stealing Sheep - Shoot The Ducks To Win

<a href="">Live session on BBC 6 with Marc Riley by Stealing Sheep</a>

Listen to the bulk of the Stealing Sheep back catalogue at Bandcamp, where you can also purchase their EPs released earlier this year.

Website // MySpace

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