Surfacing: Sophie's Pigeons

on Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Manchester's three day In The City festival/industry love-in is in full flow now, having started today. I had planned to go but ultimately, apathy and my frugal nature proved to be stumbling blocks. Maybe next year. Anyway, I'll probably be highlighting a few bands from the festival that I think are pretty ace.

The first[*] is Sophie's Pigeons, who happen to actually be from Manchester and all. They've just put out a debut mini album called 'Names And Pictures'. I haven't heard it yet but if it's anything like their other material, it'll be brilliantly off-kilter piano pop. With folk and jazz influences thrown in to spice things up further.

Sophie's Pigeons are a bit like a more upbeat and more fascinating version of the amazing Dresden Dolls. It can't be long till they really make their mark. Stream 'Say Play Sway' and download their free EP below. Which includes a beautifully haunting cover of Bloc Party's 'Flux'.

STREAM: Sophie's Pigeons - Say Play Sway

DOWNLOAD: Sophie's Pigeons - Free Live EP by Red Deer Club Recordings

'Names And Animals' is currently only available to purchase at gigs, and is scheduled to hit shops on December 6th.

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[*] - I did mention Big Deal (Pull In Emergency's Alice Costelloe and Little Death's KC Underwood) in this competition post yesterday. But that doesn't really count.

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