Remixed: Lord Huron - Into The Sun (Teen Daze Remix)

on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
We don't write about that many remixes because they're mostly terrible. Remixed is a column that will highlight some of the ones we actually think are worthy of praise and attention, be they old or new. We hope you enjoy them too.

Words: Saam Das

Lord Huron - 'Into The Sun (Teen Daze Remix)'

We rarely mention remixes on this blog yet we still get emailed dozens every month. There's no getting away from it - I think 99% of remixes are middling to bad. I might even go as far as to say they majority are terrible. But this new column is about highlighting the ones we think are actually worthy of your attention, and giving them the praise they deserve.

This new column is definitely not something that I'll be using to peddle stuff solely for the reason that it'll make the blog more popular. Exhibit A: I recently turned down the exclusive premiere of a new remix of The Good Natured by Max Cooper because I wasn't a fan.

Instead, Remixed is about elevating great remixes, whether new or old, from a sea of mediocrity. The first remix is to feature in the column is actually one I mentioned recently but wanted to highlight it again, in case any readers had overlooked it. Especially as I described it as such: "Be sure to also pick up the Teen Daze remix of 'Into The Sun' too, which considering I rarely recommend remixes, is high praise without me actually saying anything about it." So I thought I'd actually say something about it now.

Teen Daze takes Lord Huron's blissed out tropicana and turns it into a pulsating anthem, while retaining those moments of introspection that made the original so wonderful. The remix expertly treads a line between electro and ethereal creating something every bit as beautiful as its source material.

Rollo & Grady had the premiere, having been instructed by Lord Huron himself to spread the love. So you can happily download away below and also compare the remix to the Lord Huron original.

DOWNLOAD: Lord Huron - "Into The Sun" (Teen Daze Remix)

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