Surfacing: The Lost Cavalry

on Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Words: Saam Das

After Mark West left Fanfarlo, and set up his own solo venture, I remember contacting him on MySpace. Or My______, as it's now bizarrely become. Clearly, this was an incredibly long time ago. But Mark remembered too, as he recently sent me an email to update me on activities with his current band, The Lost Cavalry.

There are echoes of Fanfarlo in The Lost Cavalry, with both bands being shining lights in that magical folky vein. The band put out their debut EP a few months ago (listen to it in full on Soundcloud) and on Monday, released one of those EP tracks as a re-recorded single. Except it's being given away for free. But they're still calling it a single. I am confuseddotcom.

'The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill' is the new "single" and is actually rather lovely. A glorious mix of soaring vocals, beguiling lyrics and majestic instrumentation. And elephants are pretty much my favourite animal ever. Anyway, let's hope for more similarly alluring folk tales from Mark et al.

The Lost Cavalry are giving away 'The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill' for free, in exchange for an email address, at Bandcamp.

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