Surfacing: Hot Horizons

on Thursday, November 18, 2010
Words: Saam Das

On Saturday, I went to XFM DJ John Kennedy's all day gig in Tooting, which is in the murky depths of South London. I'll be writing a review of that at some point but I thought I'd write about the first band I saw on Saturday. Mainly because I only saw about three of their songs so it's not worth giving them a live review. But those three songs made enough of an impression for me to write about Hot Horizons.

One of those three songs was 'October', which was released digitally (and appropriately) at the back end of October. It's also coming out on ltd ed 7" vinyl on the Late Of The Pier associated Zarcorp record label. 'October' is dream pop at its best. Contemplative and warm, with a sense of grandeur. B-side 'Spoken' is more of a rapturous slice of melancholy, while still managing to retain a pleasurable ambiance. Both songs make me think of hummus for some reason.

I definitely heard at least one song other than the single and that was also rather nice so I'm hopeful Hot Horizons will go far. Thinking the elbow patches that singer Jake was rocking might need to go though. They'll be bringing back shoulder pads next. Download b-side 'Spoken' below.

STREAM: Hot Horizons - October

DOWNLOAD: Hot Horizons - Spoken

Buy the 7" vinyl from Zarcorp or digitally download the tracks on iTunes.

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