Listen: Beau And The Arrows - [New Single]

on Friday, April 22, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Last night I popped down to The Monarch in Camden to see recent Surfacing alumni Beau And The Arrows and their haunting take on post-punk. They've also just unveiled their second single - '', which you can listen to below prior to its June release.

I was down at the gig with Tim from The Blue Walrus (we're putting on a gig together soon, if you missed the news) and we were both suitably impressed by the live set. Even though the band were cut down in their prime due to a broken guitar string.

I didn't mind so much as it gave me a bit more time to run off to see Honour Before Glory at Steve Lamacq's clubnight. They were also pretty great, with the live behemoth 'Breaker' and the Mogwai-esque 'Maison' being particular highlights. Hopefully you'll/I'll be hearing their debut single later this year.

Anyway, back to Beau & The Arrows whose new single is much darker than the previous offering, 'Fix'. Although much like that previous single, it's the B-side again that I find most enamouring. Capturing a similar fragility that 'Calming Effects' did last time round, 'One Last Summer' is another wonderfully heartfelt relationship tale. The pulsating '' is contrastingly in-your-face. See what takes your fancy below.

STREAM: Beau and the Arrows -

STREAM: Beau and the Arrows - One Last Summer (B side)

'' is scheduled for release on June 13th on 7"/digitally. For more info, head to the Beau And The Arrows Facebook page.

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