Surfacing: Amusement

on Friday, April 01, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Carl from the Illegal Tender gave me the heads up on Amusement, a duo who (as with 99% of new acts) are operating under a veil of mystery. Don't get me started on Just A Number 05272011. Andrew Smith and Joe Sigee produce hypnotic electronic music, with hints of a tropical nature, emerging somewhere in between Jamie Woon and Get People.

Spurred on by their lack of available information, a little bit of digging suggests that the duo are both members of recent Surfacing alumni Auction, a band that I'm told we were the first to review. However, Amusement have a completely different vibe - spaced out, introspective, and soulful.

Listen to 'Take Me Alive' and download 'Why Does Nothing Grow' below. The former is especially a keeper, the type of song that leaves a listener yearning for more as it builds and builds before abruptly ending.

I'm excited for both Smith and Sigee projects, presumably they are too. Which hopefully means we'll see a single release for 'Take Me Alive' at some point.

STREAM: Take Me Alive by Amusement.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Why Does Nothing Grow by Amusement.

Stay upto date via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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