Download: Fucked Up - Queen Of Hearts [Album Teaser]

on Thursday, May 19, 2011
Words: Simon Opie

Fucked Up have released a series of four free to download "singles" from their forthcoming album, 'David Comes To Life', and this 'Queen Of Hearts' is the last in the series. Download the track below, and find the previous free downloads at the Matador Records blog (here, here, and here.)

Interesting band but even more interesting phenomenon. They have the reputation of being hardcore - and they may be personality-wise - but in fact musically they're right in the middle of the road. Not the middle road of course, but somewhere only just off the main highway.

Critics seem to love them for their image and because it gives them street cred to endorse them. I find their music unremarkable - though quite well done - and directly descended from Bad Religion, Rancid, and perhaps Green Day. So hola - this track from the album which is reputedly a rock opera set in Thatcherite Britain (I rest my case), is quite good but nothing special.

It's impossible to tell what it's about since the lyrics are inaudible but it seems angry and urgent. It's free, so no harm done, and those who like nostalgia will no doubt revel in its rebellion.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Fucked Up - 'Queen Of Hearts'

Free download courtesy of 'David Comes To Life' will be out on Matador in June, further details at

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