BBC iPlayer: Cars (2006)

on Wednesday, July 27, 2011
'Cars' (2006) // Words: Saam Das

(Click to read Ced's review of 'Cars 2')

SYNOPSIS: "Animated adventure from Pixar. After becoming stranded in a small town, an arrogant rookie sports car (voiced by Owen Wilson) finds love and discovers the meaning of friendship." (

Is the worst that Pixar offers still better than the rest? That's a question you have to ask with 'Cars' (and its sequel 'Cars 2', which is arguably as inspired as its name). Both films have been designed to push merchandise but while the sequel appears more as a blatant cash grab, the original was nonetheless well received. And definitely a good way to distract the kids/yourself for a short time now it's the summer holidays.

Watch 'Cars' on BBC iPlayer until 18:59, 30 July '11.

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