Surfacing: Black Black Hills

on Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Words: Saam Das

You may well recognise the above photo from our recent post about the brilliant Pope Joan single, 'The Celebration'. Well, they've only gone and changed their name to Black Black Hills. A wise decision? A foolish one? I don't think we can say just yet.

Of course, we have some personal experience of changing names having emerged to the world as Keep Hope Inside in 2006 before adopting the FADED GLAMOUR title a few years on. It's a difficult decision to knock down your existing (positive) reputation and it takes a significant amount of time to rebuild that good will. Ultimately though, names aren't all that important and it's the content that remains paramount.

'The Celebration' has now become their defacto debut single and is a strong statement of intent for the future - combined with the B-side 'Billy's Bride', I called this "one of the year's most compelling singles", which obviously still stands. The band have said that this single is "more indicative" of their sound than their art-pop beginnings (hence the new name) so expect similarly compelling material in the near future.

STREAM: Black Black Hills - The Celebration

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