Surfacing: Cutthroat Convention

on Sunday, August 21, 2011
Words: Simon Opie

Unusual bands making a devilish noise are not for everyone but if you like a challenge then give Cutthroat Convention a listen. Their new EP, 'Peeling The Sea', consists of five messy tracks (although the Bandcamp release omits lengthy but quite different closer 'Gate 19'), which can trace their pedigree back to Boris and other similarly crazed Japanese rock bands. In fact, their ancient ancestors might have been a coupling between Can and Black Sabbath.

With a line up of Vocals, Bass plus fx, Violins plus fx and Drums, their sound is visceral and matches up well to their Double Scissor logo, being both sharp and sinister. The aptly named 'Idiot Annihilation Service' is probably the easiest starting point – it even has a catchy riff – but the sludgy opener 'Molten Arthur' and the prog influenced 'Flag Ash' will have sapped your resistance before you reach it. That’s the general idea, of course.

Fusion can have unpredictable outcomes but this band thrives on the edges of a blend of heavy metal and electronica, avoiding the clich├ęs of either genre. For fans of Swans, Gum Takes Tooth, and similarly difficult racketeers.

FREE DOWNLOAD: CutThroat Convention - Idiot annihilation sevice

Listen at Bandcamp, download for free through Double Edge Scissor.

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