Download: Luke Leighfield + Jose Vanders - Blindsided [Bon Iver Cover]

on Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Jose Vanders + Luke Leighfield - Split EP artwork

The words "free download" and "single" put together in one sentence never fail to confuse me. It's one or the other surely? I'll stick with the former. Especially when it's such a wondrous free download. You might remember Jose Vanders from blog days gone by and she's teamed up with Luke Leighfield to deliver a very special cover of Bon Iver's 'Blindsided'. Download below.

The duo are putting out a 'Split EP' later this month on Got Got Need records - a record label that I really hope is named after the playground ritual typically involving the swapping of football stickers. Both Leighfield and Vanders are now well journeyed UK solo artists - the latter being one of my tips for 2008(!) - and although success may not come with the new EP, this cover is certainly up there with anything either has done individually.

Wonderfully stirring and a good omen for the forthcoming EP. Listen and download the cover below, and also watch a live version of the original 'Blindsided', if you wish.

The 'Split EP' is released on September 19th, immediately followed by a tour across the UK and Europe. More details at

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