Singles: August 2011

on Friday, September 02, 2011
Words: Saam Das

It's September. Already. Another month goes by and another singles column is complete. As ever, ten of the best singles of the month and no dating advice to be seen anywhere. Or at least not here. Because that would be terrible. Anyway, the photo above hints at the winner of the August single of the month. To listen to that track and more, keep reading.

Noah And The Whale - 'Life Is Life' (1 Aug)

STREAM: Noah & The Whale - Life Is Life

Treading between synth-pop and MOR rock comes yet another excellent Noah And The Whale single, following 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N' and 'Tonight's The Kind Of Night '. A triumphant singalong and SINGLE OF THE MONTH.

Athletes In Paris - 'Heartbeat' (8 Aug)

Having already released one of the best tracks of the year with 'Borrowed Time', the disappointingly unheralded Athletes In Paris continue their slow ascent into super stardom with another infectious guitar-pop single. You can pick it up for nada at Bandcamp, including a whole host of remixes from the likes of Polarsets, but I believe it's also out on super limited CD format too.

This Many Boyfriends - 'Young Lovers Go Pop!' (22nd)

I met Laura from This Many Boyfriends a few times at gigs in the mid-noughties. She was very nice. So I'm glad that the band are getting a bit of recognition for their new single, which is out on the quality-not-quantity Angular Records. A fuzzy twee anthem, with more than a hint of fellow Northerners The Cribs.

Other Lives - 'Tamer Animals' (22nd)

I've heard splendid things about the Other Lives album, which shares the same name as this single - their first to arrive in the UK. If this single is representative of that effort then there's clear similarities to The National in its earnestness and subtle emotions.

David J Roch - 'Dew' (22nd)

I don't know a great deal about David J Roch but 'Dew' is pleasingly reminiscent of TV On The Radio. Indeed, the first two and a half minutes of the track wouldn't look out of place with that band's very best work, which is high praise indeed. But then it loses its way somewhat, trying to fit too much in and suffering slightly as a result. Nonetheless, very much an artist to keep an eye out for.

Benjamin Shaw - 'When I Fell Over In The City' (22nd)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Benjamin Shaw - When I Fell Over In The City by The Line Of Best Fit

Jamie from Audio Antihero is pretty great (he's written for us not once, but twice!) so I'm happy to be able to sincerely tell you all to download the above mp3 then run over and buy Benjamin Shaw's 'I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got' EP. Or spunk 49p on Bandcamp instead. Ignore the kitchen-sink production, there's something special underneath.

Big Deal - 'Chair' (22nd)

I mentioned one of my tips for 2007 above, well another of my tips from that year, Pull In Emergency aren't going quite as strongly. In fact, they split up last year. Alice Costelloe from that band then joined up with Kacey Underwood to form Big Deal, who have gone on to impress many people. Myself included. 'Chair' is the perfect example of their understated grungey ballads.

Bombay Bicycle Club - ‘Shuffle’ (22nd)

One of my tips for 2007, it seems like Bombay Bicycle Club are finally getting somewhere critically and commercially. Perhaps I'm speaking too soon, with their new album 'A Different Kind Of Fix' only out this week. Either way, 'Shuffle' is enjoyable chop-pop.

Theme Park - 'A Mountain We Love' (29th)

I won't lie. I preferred Theme Hospital over Theme Park. But I don't play video games anymore so none of that matters. Similarly, I prefer B-side 'Wax' to the A-side of this debut offering on Transgressive sub-label ParadYse. Yes, with that stupid capitalised Y. (Suspiciously similar to frYars, who actually used to be in a band with some of Theme Park.) Think Mystery Jets meets Talking Heads.

Astrid Williamson - 'Pour' (8 Aug)

I was reminded that the Mercury Music Prize is going to announce its winner soon and in the spirit of that award, here's one from the leftfield. I imagine it won't come as too much of a surprise to hear that Astrid Williamson is on the same UK label as Bjork with this captivating single that flows between the minimal and the orchestral.

FOE - 'Deep Water Heartbreaker' (8 Aug)
Beau & The Arrows - 'Levy' (29th)

1st: Let's Wrestle - 'If I Keep On Loving You' // The Lost Cavalry - 'Desert Tracks' // My Tiger My Timing - 'Endless Summer'

8th: Hyde & Beast - 'Never Come Back' // Niteflights - 'Marnie' // Crystal Fighters - 'Plage' // Alpines - 'Cocoon'

15th: Arctic Monkeys - 'The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala' // Tribes - 'Sappho' // Battles ft Gary Numan - 'My Machines'

22nd: Fixers - 'Swimhaus Johannesburg'

29th: Pete & The Pirates - ‘Half Moon Street’ // WALLS - ‘Sunporch’

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