Surfacing: Seize The Chair

on Monday, September 12, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Come 2011, the "New Yorkshire" scene seems but a hazy dream of yesteryear, concocted by magazine journalists. These days, the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys are very different bands and the vast majority of the other acts lumped together have fallen to the wayside. It's time for a new set of Yorkshire heroes. Step up, Sheffield-based Seize The Chair.

The band have just released their debut single on the excellent Too Pure singles club, although suffered at the hands of the recent London riots, which wiped out much of their 7" vinyl stock. I guess the only remote positive is to claim that the release is now even more special and limited than it was before.

The spirited A-side 'You Who?' is what particularly grabbed my attention - mixing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-esque vocals, garage rock leanings and joyfully anthemic hooks. It's the kind of track that makes you want to high five the person standing next to you. Only for them to painfully blank you.

B-side 'It Happens Periodically' slows proceedings down, taking on a form resembling a sea shanty of all things. It's a nice change-up and will be suitably comforting after the aforementioned high five rejection. Listen to both sides of the splendid single below. (Also responsible for best-worst artwork of a single in 2011, as you can see above.)

STREAM: Seize The Chair - You Who? by Too Pure Singles Club

STREAM: Seize The Chair - It Happens Periodically by Too Pure Singles Club

Purchase 'You Who?' at Too Pure. Check Facebook for more on Seize The Chair.

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