Surfacing: FAMY [New Band]

on Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Words: Saam Das

They lit up the UK blogosphere briefly earlier this year as Family but took a sidestep in rebranding as FAMY. Now this (three-quarters English, one-quarter Italian) France-based quartet have unveiled their debut single, 'Mother Benita'/'Dogg Dogg', which comes out on 12" next Monday. Enjoy WU LYF? Even a tiny bit? Keep reading...

FAMY share a lot with WU LYF and presumably have braced themselves for comparison. The two toured together and Evans Kati of WU LYF helped produce the band's debut single. (As well as possibly appear on it.) So the bands already have something of a shared history, ignoring the similarities in their epic, melancholic soundscapes.

Yet while WU LYF chose a mind-bogglingly pretentious avenue of promotion through their anonymity. Which now after hearing and seeing interviews like this kinda makes a lot of sense. Hopefully as human beings go, FAMY are less idiotic.

But to be fair to WU LYF, they do make fairly evocative music. And FAMY do a similar thing. And arguably better. Listen to both sides of the single below, along with an older cut, 'Barbie Girls'. I'm especially enjoying the gentle 'Mother Benita', with its sweeping "I'll try, I'll try, I'll try, I'll try" refrain.

STREAM: Mother Benita by FAMY

STREAM: Dogg Dogg by FAMY

Pre-order the single at Bandcamp. Find more at Facebook.

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