Download: Internet Forever - Break Bones [Album Preview]

on Thursday, December 08, 2011
Words: Saam Das

In 2008, I wrote about an act called 'Heartbeeps', comprising of one Craig Nunn. Craig went onto form lo-fi trio Internet Forever with Laura Wolf and Christopher Alcock, whose music I haven't been particularly fond of. Yet they've unveiled a selection of new songs with new production and I'm much more onboard. Listen to the tracks below, with 'Break Bones' proving to be the standout.

You can watch the video to the original single version of 'Break Bones' from 2009 below, and compare the infinitely improved production value on the newer version in the video below that. I'm feeling a bit of a Los Campesinos! vibe. Download the new 'Break Bones' with a Tweet/Facebook thing. Album tracks '3D' and 'Centre Of Your Universe' can also be found below, promising signs for the self-titled album due out in February 2012.

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