Surfacing: Mercy [New Artist]

on Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Words: Saam Das

On Saturday, I ventured along to XFM's annual All Dayer at the Camden Barfly to see numerous bands. One of them was Hatcham Social. Their set was a miserable experience, albeit made somewhat interesting by the appearance of a guest vocalist in a (dubious) onesie for the final song. That was Mercy. Otherwise known as former major label popstar, Amy Studt. Turns out she's doing exciting new things.

It's pretty weird to think that Amy's breakout hit 'Just A Little Girl' came out TEN years ago, especially as she's only in her mid-twenties. After the success of her debut album, she's been rather through the mill - so it's not too much surprise that she's beginning a new project (in collaboration with Toby Kidd, of Hatcham Social). What's pleasing for me, in particular, is that she isn't pulling a WU LYF or an iamamiwhoami. No shroud of mystery here, just a new start.

It's a good start too. Debut single/free download 'Sleepwalker' is an alluring juxtaposition of ethereal rebellion. Pottymouth lyrics aside, 'Sleepwalker' could easily be a top chart single. Of course, Mercy are rather lacking in marketing power so that's not going to happen anytime soon. But this is more than promising. Let's hope Toby and Amy can really kick on.

'Sleepwalker' also happens to be the first single on the digital arm of the returning Cool For Cats record label, which put out singles by FG faves Fight Like Apes and Thomas Tantrum, among others. Check out their website.

Download 'Sleepwalker' from the widget above. Find more on Facebook.

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