Surfacing: Fox The Cat [New Band]

on Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I don't normally feature new American bands. Mainly because the few that interest me have already been discussed at length on the hundreds of excellent blogs across the pond. But Chicago's Fox The Cat seem rather devoid of such attention. Or any attention really. So here's where I step in and tell you a little more about their compellingly solemn sound.

The five piece have only been going since October 2011, and are giving away their first recordings - a three track demo. The band produce an evocative sound, with hints of Grizzly Bear as well as the newer Bon Iver, best heard on the stunning 'Electric Wires'. "How I wish I could just live a few moments over again." I'm going to assume they mean speciall moments. Special moments like this.

Listen to the demos below, and download at Mediafire. A further track is downloadable at Soundcloud.

Find more info at Fox The Cat.

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