Surfacing: Stella Le Page [New Artist]

on Monday, January 23, 2012
Words: Saam Das

25 year old Londoner (hey, me too) Stella Le Page cut her teeth as a member of synth-pop outfit Primary 1's live band as well as recording cello parts for Plan B. After dropping a succession of covers last year, 2012 sees Stella stepping out on her own two feet properly - her sassy debut single, 'Snake', is released digitally today.

Stella recorded eight covers in 2011, taking on a blistering variety of tracks by the likes of The Weeknd, James Blake, Robyn and Nancy Sinatra. Influences on her music? At some level, I guess they all must be. I've included a couple of my favourite of her covers below. Pick up all eight covers for free from her parent label, Anchor Factory.

One influence/contemporary that I feel is particularly valid is Little Boots - both have a synth-pop sensibility while embracing more classical roots. 'Snake' is a perfect example, a fantastically bitter revenge anthem compromising rousing electro-pop juxtaposed with classical piano. Hypnotic demo 'The Morning After' opts for a more magical direction. Both tracks hint at the birth of something truly exciting.

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