Listen: This Many Boyfriends - Starling [New Single]

on Sunday, March 04, 2012
Words: Emily Solan

This Many Boyfriends are probably the best band you'll ever listen to. Their brand of indie pop makes no excuses for itself, the delightful jingle jangle of guitars in their new single 'Starling' errs just on the right side of being twee. Listen to the track below, along with b-side 'Just Saying'.

Throw in catchy singalong lyrics and 'Starling' is a criminally brilliant masterpiece that will sit in your head for days (trust me, it will happen). The true charm of it though is the delightfully ramshackle sound of the whole thing, proving that polished is often far away from perfection. The release is also dedicated to band member Peter Sykes, who sadly passed away suddenly last year.

Not content with just writing one of my favourite tracks of the year, 'Starling' comes with its very own fanzine - embedded above. Embracing everything from word searches to Oreo truffle recipes (deceptively easy and ridiculously addictive), it is the perfect partner to the track. It even includes what I consider to be one of the best and most interesting things in life, the mix tape.

In an age where everything is available at the click of a button, whilst this admittedly is, items like this highlight just how important the physical product is. Or maybe I just want more mix tapes!

'Starling' was released on 20th Feb by Angular. Find more info at

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