Surfacing: 2forjoy

on Monday, March 05, 2012
Words: Saam Das

It seems all I ever do these days is complain about new artists promoting themselves via some sort of banal "campaign" whereby they hide their identity etc. I also generally take umbrage with the use of teasers for forthcoming music videos. Indeed, today is possibly the first time in over 1000 posts and five years of blogging that we've ever posted a teaser. Because in the case of 2forjoy, two wrongs make a right. Maybe.

There has been very little coverage about 2forjoy so far, following a handful of demos making it onto their Soundcloud page last year. (Most of which have now been removed.) If my mediocre powers of investigative journalism are anything to go by, 2forjoy appears to be the latest project for performing arts connoisseur/creative director Ruby Blues. She's perhaps also joined by filmmaker and photographer Annick Wolfers, who is responsible for the photo above and video teaser below.

Presumably the majority of you care more about the music than my quest for absolute truth, and I'm pleased to say that 2forjoy produce compelling, off-kilter electro-pop. The haunting, jarring demo of 'PDA' below contrasts the smoothness of the wonderfully serene yet powerful 'Choke'. Listen to the latter track in full at Disco Naivete.

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