Surfacing: CURXES [New Band]

on Friday, March 16, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Brighton duo CURXES (pronounced Curses) have been on my radar for a considerable amount of time but their intense electro-pop had yet to completely click with me. Until today, that is. Their forthcoming new single 'Haunted Gold' has firmly impressed, and you can watch its new video below.

Blog buddies Killing Moon Limited and Breaking More Waves have been staunch supporters of CURXES, and Robin BMW even introduced me to Roberta Fidora from the band at the single launch for Worship late last year. A single released on KML. It's all so incestuous.

Roberta and I are both fans of Lego and, arguably more importantly, of compelling electro-pop also. Together with band-mate Macauley Hopwood, they have certainly cracked the formula with the industrial-tinged 'Haunted Gold'. Darkly intense, the single is both terrifyingly and infectiously arresting. Perhaps even dangerously sexy.

Watch its impressively DIY video above, which was animated by Roberta. Needs more Lego, Roberta. Maybe next time. Sample a couple more tracks below - including free download 'Once Upon A Time' and former single, the 'Blade Runner'-inspired 'Creatures'.

'Haunted Gold' will be out on 10th April digitally, and soon after on vinyl. Find more info at

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