Surfacing: Goodbye Chanel [New Artist]

on Friday, April 27, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Leeds band Aviaries unfortunately called it a day a few months back but from the ashes of the band have come two exciting projects - we've already covered Jaymz Dean and now its time for another new solo venture, Goodbye Chanel. Both have started off strongly with their experimental dream-pop vibes.

There's only one track available by Goodbye Chanel at this moment in time - 'Liefe', the first taste of the forthcoming 'Summa Wavves' EP - but it's a special one. Normally, I'm a bit reserved about artists when they only have one track available to listen to but having impressed with the past Aviaries offerings, I'm slightly more confident than Goodbye Chanel can do something brilliant.

Similarly, the one and only track available suggests good things. The calypso-tinged 'Liefe' leans toward dreamy experimental pop slash chillwave for a truly pleasurable listening experience. Download 'Liefe' below. Keep an eye out for upcoming songs, which may (or may not) be named 'Coast', 'Sargasso', and 'Barcelona'.

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