Surfacing: Jaymz Dean [New Artist]

on Thursday, April 19, 2012
Words: Saam Das

With a grand total of 5 likes on Facebook at the time of writing, I think it's safe to say you probably haven't heard about Jaymz Dean. You may however be more familiar with Aviaries, who we wrote about last October but who are sadly no more. Instead, this is the glorious new project from one of the members of the former post-pop outfit.

Seeing as Aviaries were originally Valleys before first changing their name to Bright Sons, I suspect Jaymz Dean is far from concerned about transition. Certainly there's hints of his previous band(s) in the new material suggesting a natural continuation. Thus far, we only have two of his offerings, both indulging in what I'd term as smooth calypso grooves.

Of the two tracks, it is the effortlessly enigmatic 'Modena' that is particularly worthy of attention. Featuring Josh Childs on vocals, 'Modena' begins in blissful fashion before upping the dance vibes. A provocative mix of dream-pop, chillwave and jazz. Download 'Modena' below, and listen to a demo of 'Llanero'.

Find more at Facebook. Jaymz Dean will be perfoming at Live At Leeds on 5 May.

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