Listen: Mammal Club - Painting [New Single]

on Friday, May 25, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Mammal Club 2012 promo image

We've been bigging up Mammal Club since October 2010, and this week they released a new single, 'Painting'. It's perhaps the most pop record they've created yet it still carries the distinctive experimental elements of previous releases. In short, it's a banger.

A man down from the quartet that I originally wrote about, a fearsome foursome that produced the terrific 'Au' EP, Mammal Club nonetheless show little sign of discomfort. Aiding and abetting their usual experimental pop fare with an electro-rock vibe, 'Painting' is a glorious anthem.

The track has been teamed with b-side 'Toward You With Lust', which we wrote about back in January, when a studio version was shared with the world. Listen to the two tracks below.

'Painting' was released by Everybody's Stalking on 21 May. Find out more at

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