Simon Says: Explore Rock Sounds From Soundcloud

on Thursday, May 17, 2012
Words: Simon Opie

I wanted to collect up some varied new music from the UK that’s been coming in to FADED GLAMOUR Towers over the last few weeks and falling into the Altrock inbox. There’s a lot going on and this is only a fraction but it’s the part I feel is really worth passing on - featuring Static Plan, Since Monroe and Dissociates.

First up is Guildford band Static Plan who have a self-released and self-titled 4-Track EP just out. It’s a self-confessed blend of influences from Nine Inch Nails to Radiohead, but I like it because it reminds me most strongly of Pitchshifter – a tremendous British band who deserved greater success. With its tribal beats, electro voicings, grinding guitars and driving, gritty basslines the EP still covers a lot of styles.

Opener 'Will' is the hardest hitting (and so my favourite track) and it’ll be really interesting to see what path Static Plan finally choose to follow. Download it for free above. Find more info at

Birmingham’s Since Monroe also have an EP out – 'Lost Generation'. It’s more of a nod to the Foo Fighters, and nicely done with an urgent, full guitar driven sound. Hooks abound though and there’s melody in their madness for sure. So another recommended listen with all four tracks strong songs, but check out 'DJ' and title track 'Lost Generation'. I think you will hear more from this quintet. Keep up to date at

Finally, there’s some post-punk jagged guitar jangle from London’s Dissociates whose EP is called 'Drown This Town'. A Brit-pop inspired take on the Dischord stable, lead single 'Kick & Shove' can be found below. Further info can be found at

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