#Blog6Music: Top Three Artists Of 2012 (Thus Far)

on Friday, June 22, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I imagine most people are pretty glad that BBC 6Music managed to avoid being axed two years ago this month. We are more appreciative than most because the station have been extremely kind to bloggers, giving us a different medium to rave about our favourite artists. Once again, they've asked FG to get involved - this time sharing our top three artists of 2012.

Longer term FG fans might remember that we have made two actual proper appearances on Tom Robinson's Now Playing show - plugging some of our most enjoyed acts of The Great Escape 2011 as well as highlighting three ones to watch in October 2011. This time round, they've combined with the Hype Machine for a mid-year special. (Cheers producer Will!)

Blogs such as this have been asked to donate their suggestions for their three top artists of 2012, which will be used to formulate a Top 25 list that will be played out on air. Our choices have been, first and foremost, bands we love. It is entirely possible none of them will even appear on the show. We'll be sad about that but very much more in terms of their missed opportunity for further exposure.

#1 Alt-J

Our first pick has to be Leeds' ludicrously named aka Alt-J. Almost universally popular among FG writers, their debut album, 'An Awesome Wave', particularly wowed Jack FG. As Jack said, Alt-J display a "beautifully haunting and incredibly hypnotic sound", arguably best demonstrated on enthralling debut single 'Bloodflood'. An early contender for the Mercury Music Prize.


We recently raised a warning flag about the ease of getting carried away with music, in reference to Kate Nash's latest divisive effort. It's perhaps fair to say that we're getting a little too carried away with Los Angeles quartet HAIM. Yet we feel HAIM's 'Forever' EP and tremendous live set are fully justifying their position as one of the most exciting bands of the year. A glorious fusion of folk rock, RnB and sassy rock and roll.

#3 Clock Opera

Having suggested Guy Connelly et al as our "soundtrack of 2012" for BBC 6Music last December, it would be odd not to repeat that assertion considering our enjoyment of their debut album, 'Ways To Forget'. To self-plagiarise, the band "combine magical electronica, innovative samples and poignant vocals to create something quite unique and quite brilliant". Equally engrossing live as they are on record.

Find out more info at bbc.co.uk and tune into BBC 6Music's Now Playing show from 6pm on Sunday 25 June to find out the results.

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