Surfacing: Good Dangers [New Band]

on Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Words: Saam Das
Good Dangers music promo image

On 31st January 2011, a band called Good Dangers shot off an email to me. They were nice enough to actually address me by name, even managing to spell Saam correctly, something that proves surprisingly difficult for many. Unfortunately, they decided to attach a pdf AND a m4a file. Who does that?! Two no-nos in one go. New single 'DFYF' is so stunningly anthemic that all has been forgiven.

Good Dangers were also initially scuppered by a slight air of mystery, my number one musical pet hate in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, it emerged that members of the band were once part of another outfit - indie upstarts Assembly Now. I actually found the news most welcoming as I was rather disapppointed when that band slowly petered out. (Their obvious career highlight was an appearance on one of our old KHI podcasts.)

I hadn't quite gotten into the Good Dangers material in early 2011 but 'DFYF' is bit of a paradigm shift. The track is a triumph, complete with exuberant singalong chorus. 'DFYF' is undoubtedly one of the singles of the year. There's more than a touch of Anothers Blood to the track but with that band now sadly no more, Good Dangers will hopefully be just the type of band who can fill their void.

I can absolutely see 'DFYF' being the soundtrack to an epic advert of some sort. Indeed, as you can see above, the track's video doesn't do a bad job. Either way, I hope it brings Good Dangers to the masses. And if the latest single doesn't quite manage that, maybe one of their earlier tracks will. Listen to a mix of old and new below.

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