Listen: CURXES - Spectre [New Single]

on Monday, July 23, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Macauley Hopwood and Roberta Fidora are Brighton duo CURXES. They have a new single out next month. It's a bit good. Listen to the dark, melodramatic electro-pop of 'Spectre' below.

'Spectre' is the follow-up to the "infectiously arresting" April single, 'Haunted Gold' (embedded below). The latest effort amps up the melodrama, in a manner reminiscent of the twisted pop of FOE. We noted how "dangerously sexy" CURXES were last time out, and 'Spectre' is no different. Perhaps then it's thankful that the track abruptly ends as it hurtles deep into brilliance - before someone gets hurt.

'Spectre' will be released on August 10th. Find more info at

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