Listen: Muse - Madness [New Single]

on Saturday, August 25, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Muse album artwork

Okay, I give in. I actually quite like the new Muse single. It shouldn't work - combining influences such as U2 and Queen with a slight dubstep influence. 'Madness' gives me more hope for their forthcoming album, 'The 2nd Law', after the first glimpses were not particularly promising. Listen to the recently unveiled tracks below.

'Madness' fits its name to some extent. It moves into quite ridiculous territory, while still embracing a certain anthemic stadium rock sensibility. More importantly, 'Madness' only adds a minor dubstep/electro influence compared to the track presented in their recent album trailer - the diabolically misguided 'Unsustainable'.

Similarly, their recent official Olympic Games song, 'Survival', felt quite uninspired - hence us posting alternatives by The Chemical Brothers and Delphic in retaliation. But Muse are somewhat back on track with 'Madness'. It even sounds a bit like TV On The Radio at times. But, you know, with Matt Bellamy doing his semi-operatic thing on top.

'Madness' is out now. Find more info at

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