Remixed: Passion Pit - Take A Walk (Chew Lips Remix)

on Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Remixed is a column that will highlight remixes we actually think are worthy of praise, be they old or new. Because most remixes are rubbish. // Words: Saam Das

London electro duo Chew Lips released their new single 'Hurricane' this week, another track previewing their forthcoming second album. I'm not quite as enamoured with it as I have been with some of their excellent previous singles but I'm much more pleased with their recent remix of Passion Pit's 'Take A Walk'. Listen to the two tracks below.

I still haven't gotten around to checking out the new Passion Pit record but I was less than impressed with 'Take A Walk' - which I mentioned when writing about their pre-album release 'I'll Be Alright'. The Chew Lips remix softens the harshness of its production giving the meandering 'Take A Walk' a more anthemic outlook.

Admittedly, 'Take A Walk' does have a catchy chorus and Chew Lips wisely retain that element, adding their own dream-pop melodies to make a track that would not look out of place on the debut Passion Pit record. Listen to the original below, along with the remix and 'Hurricane'.

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