Download: Chip Ivory - Touch The Skyfall (Adele vs Kanye West Mash-Up)

on Sunday, October 28, 2012
Words: Saam Das

The latest James Bond adventure 'Skyfall' has arrived in UK cinemas, leaving behind a glut of sold-out showings in its wake - and murmurings of it perhaps being the best Bond film ever. To celebrate the release, Chip Ivory has put together a mash-up mixing Adele's 'Skyfall' theme and 'Touch The Sky' by Kanye West.

Chip Ivory is the moniker of American musican Ryan Driscoll, soon to rise to prominence, if his mash-ups are anything to go by. We've already featured his Will Smith vs Matt & Kim mash-up, and 'Touch The Skyfall' is a step up in class.

Stripping back the overt melodrama of the Adele original (using the Theatre Of Delays remix), and flawlessly adding Kanye's easy going flow, Chip Ivory has crafted a superb mash-up. Download the track for free at

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