Simon Says: Seeing Is Believing

on Saturday, November 10, 2012
Words: Simon Opie

Here’s a column with a difference and lest you imagine it’s born out of laziness let me assure you that I’ve watched literally a hundred or so videos just to bring you this assortment. We get sent a lot of new music by mostly unknown artists and how to choose what to feature is a more than tricky poser. So this particular subset has been selected for its visual appeal. First off we like the music, but even more we like the pictures.

First up are Hot Fiction and the video for 'Body Barely Touching Mine' from their new album 'Apply Within'. It’s kind of Black Keys meets Black Sabbath – well the video is anyway, there’s no Sabbath influence in the music as such:

Next come Flies On You, who are ‘a DIY post-punk band from Leeds’. Their album 'Nothing To Write Home About' has also just been released. This is 'Splashing It Down' – pure Yorkshire in a video and a great song:

From ‘DIY post-punk’ to ‘DIY Indie’ this is The Rebel Light and their song 'Goodbye Serenade' from an upcoming debut EP, recorded in a wood shed. Download the song for free below. The video is, well, impossibly ambitious and quite possibly illegal but very nicely executed just the same:

Finally to a band who have received some media attention already, we feature Ninetails with 'Rawdon Fever' from their upcoming EP 'Slept And Did Not Sleep'. Commended by NME, no less, for their ‘percussion guitar-pop’, the video is brilliantly put together and rather beautifully done:

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