Futuresounds: 2013 Tips/Ones To Watch

on Monday, March 04, 2013

It might be March but we are still going forward with our tips for the year. Letting the dust settle after the glut of "ones to watch" lists to have already appeared gives us more time to reflect and consider our choices. For example, Palma Violets were celebrated in certain corners as the best thing to happen to guitar music since guitars. But they're not in our list. Find out who is below.

In some respects, we've been too prescient and former Futuresounds acts like BASTILLE, Daughter, and The Good Natured all miss out this year as a result - despite the fact that those bands are set to have their biggest year yet. Nonetheless, we've got ten bands below who we think will impress either critically and/or commercially in 2013.


We were one of the earliest supporters of London night-pop duo, ALPINES. Their sound and scope has evolved continuously since then, from the dubstep influenced Sub Focus collaboration to their latest piano-infused ballad 'Lights'. Their impressive ability to traverse several genres should see an ever-expanding fanbase over the year.


Perhaps slightly surprisingly the Blog Sound Of 2013, ahead of some other heavy hitters on this list. The duo have hooked up with another tip for 2013, Disclosure, on a new single 'White Noise' which looks set to storm the dancefloor and the charts.


Rising under a veil of mystery, the Scottish electro outfit were somewhat divisive amongst FG writers initially. Latest offering 'Recover' is their most anthemic effort however, and one to win over the sceptics.


Easily the most obvious choice in our list, having been crowned the BBC Sound Of 2013. But having been wowed by their debut UK gigs at The Great Escape, we aren't quite ready to quit this sordid love affair just yet.


Another band born under a mysterious guise and another one to have won us over. Their approach has ranged from afro-pop to grunge by way of baggy - performed with supreme confidence and competence. 2013 will decide whether their swagger is truly deserved.

Rainy Milo

We were tempted to go for the safer option of the immensely talented Rae Morris before taking a slight swerve after the first syllable. Milo is similarly talented, making waves with her 'Limey' mixtape toward the end of last year. In some respects, we consider her a bit of a spiritual successor to Amy Winehouse - hopefully she can replicate the departed's success without the surrounding tragedy.

Swiss Lips

Signed to a four album deal off the back of a few gigs and some (admittedly shit hot) demos, the pressure is on for Mancunians Swiss Lips to deliver. But with songs like 'U Got The Power' and 'Grow' in their back catalogue, we suspect this synth-pop team will rise to the occasion.


Arguably even more well known than HAIM in some respects - if you own a telly, you'll have undoubtedly heard Woodkid soundtracking one of a number of adverts. Like HAIM though, we supported Woodkid relatively early on and have no intention of quitting while we're ahead. Especially with such glorious music videos as 'Iron' and 'Run Boy Run'.


As far as synth-pop-inspired songstresses go, we could have easily plumped for Foxes. But we're yet to catch her live, whereas YADi has blown us away when we've had the pleasure of catching her live. Stunning vocals and melodies should help her soar toward the top of the charts.

The 1975

The backlash has already begun for The 1975, and arguably understandably so - they have already been through numerous iterations, leading to their current push to seem somewhat out of the blue and hence, undeserved. We're not in that camp, however. Instead, we'll enjoy their refreshingly experimental brand of crossover guitar pop.

See how we thought our 2012 Futuresounds ones to watch got on.

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