Remixed: RDGLDGRN - Lootin In London (White Lies Remix)

on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Washington DC hip hop trio RDGLDGREEN (pronounced Red Gold Green) managed to nab both rapper Angel Haze and rock legend Dave Grohl for their new single, 'Lootin In London'. Pretty good going. Now they've also managed to get White Lies who take the visceral original and turn it into something of a club banger.

The direction that White Lies have taken 'Lootin In London' is somewhat surprising considering their foundations in a darker indie sound. But then it's a surprising track all round - lyrically reflecting football hooliganism (genuinely inspired by 2005's dubious Elijah Wood-starring film, 'Green Street') and RDGLDGREEN's influences from the eighties hardcore scene. Not to mention getting Dave Grohl to drum on the track, which is pretty much the ultimate stamp of approval.

The White Lies remix transforms Grohl's efforts into something more akin to a drum'n'bass number - something that would normally be detrimental but here simply elevates it into a dancefloor smash. Melodic synth lines, soaring vocal hooks, and an anthemic Angel Haze-led chorus mean that 1+1+1 = HIT.

'Lootin In London' is scheduled for release in the UK on 26th August. Find more info at

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