Telly Text #13: 90210 + McFlurry Music Mix Up

on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew


One of the most famous postcodes in the USA is back on E4 for a final series. This final series will see the gang go through adulthood and on the way there will be a lot of hooking up and breaking up. '90210' is the fourth spin off of the Beverly Hills 90210 franchise, which has lasted over 13 years as a franchise. '90210' has moved on from high school days and now we are with the glamorous people as they enter the real world and have to make life choices. Sometimes though will still stay the same - there will be a lot of hooking up, breaking up and fighting.

After last season, Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) is left in a wheelchair and struggling to come to terms with the whole situation. It also does not help that his girlfriend Adrianna Tate-Duncan (Jessica Lowndes) is not fully committed to their relationship and is starting a steamy fling with Taylor (Wes Brown). If Dixon did not have enough issues his adopted sister Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) is always on his case even though she is going through her own love triangle at the moment.

Not to be out done Silver (Jessica Stroup) one of Annie’s best friends is going through her own love triangle with Navid Shirazi (Michael Steger) and Liam Hunt (Matt Lanter) while trying to have a baby with her gay best friend Teddy (Trevor Donovan) so she can take out her ovaries once she has had a baby to lower her risk of cancer.

And then there is Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) who has now married her high school sweetheart Max Miller (Josh Zuckerman) and is now facing competition from Max’s business partner, Alec. He has no interest in Naomi and sees her as bad news and wants her out of the picture. However, Naomi is not going to back down without a fight.

When I heard the news that this series of '90210' would be the last, I was truly gutted. The thought of losing another US show because of so-called poor US ratings annoyed me. Reflecting on it now, maybe it is a good time to end it as they have all basically slept with each other now....and it would be extremely hard to create storylines without starting to recycle some of the old ones. One thing is for sure Annie, Dixon, Naomi, Silver, Navid, Adrianna and Liam always know how bring the drama and this final series will be no different.

Catch '90210' every Monday at 9pm on E4 or catch up on 4oD.

'McFlurry Music Mix Up'

Now I recently had the pleasure of being invited to watch the filming of 'McFlurry Music Mix Up', 4Music's newest show. Making my way to the show, I thought a McDonalds worker would be offering me a smarties McFlurry as a welcome gift - how I was so wrong, although at least I managed to get the odd snap with a celeb (see below). 'McFlurry Music Mix Up' is a fun music related game show hosted by Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin O'Doom from Kiss100 and 'Sweat The Small Stuff'. The recording I saw featured Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge, Stooshe and Union J members George and Josh.

The show consists of two teams, the yellow pod and the red pod competing against each other in four rounds. One of my favourite rounds was when they got Melvin to dance to popular dance songs and the teams have to guess the song. Now usually I would find this quite dumb, as most of the dance moves are quite obvious - nevertheless, Melvin has something about him that makes you just laugh along with him. Plus the amount of sweat he had on him afterwards clearly shows how much dedication he was putting into those moves.

One of the things that let down the show was a lack of audience participation - it did feel at times that the audience were there just to cheer. The show is not such a serious quiz where everyone has to be silent, but this is something that can be looked at for the future.

After watching Rickie and Melvin taking control of the show, you can clearly see the future is bright for these two. They complement each so well and there is a bond between them two that you cannot get by throwing two random people together. 4Music could potentially have a hit on their hands if they market and advertise this properly. Honestly this show takes me back to my weekends watching T4 and waiting for 'The Simpsons' to start. This show will not be the last time you see this duo, mark my words!

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