Remixed: Young Wonder x Black Light Dinner Party - We Are Golden [Free Download]

on Friday, August 16, 2013
Words: Saam Das

One of my favourite things about music is the spirit of collaboration. It's one of the reasons that I loved 'Under African Skies', last year's documentary about Paul Simon and his cameo-filled 'Graceland' album. This year, NYC's Black Light Dinner Party and Ireland's Young Wonder are joining in the spirit of things - reworking each other's tracks. Here's 'We Are Golden', done Young Wonder style.

I'm not sure I've talked about either band on FG yet, which is an oversight - as both are immensely promising. Which is hopefully going to be made apparent below. Have a listen to the sparkling original of 'We Are Golden', and download the glorious Purity Ring-esque remix/rework from Young Wonder - taking out the male vocal and replacing it entirely with a female vocal as well as giving the track a dancier tinge. Check out the cute/bizarre video for 'We Are Golden' too.

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