Telly Text #20: Miley: The Movement + Wentworth Prison

on Saturday, October 12, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew

'Miley: The Movement'

Miley Cyrus has to be the most talked about female artist at the moment - following that VMA performance, sitting naked on a wrecking ball for her video of the same name, and her recent Twitter war with Sinead O’Connor, everyone is talking about Miley. So when MTV advertised an hour documentary into the life of Miley, I just could not resist. This MTV documentary gives us access into why Miley Cyrus decided to sex up her look, her different direction of music and growing up in the entertainment business.

Now I did not know that Miley Cyrus has been working with a lot of people for her latest album 'Bangerz'. Britney Spears, Mike Will Made It and Pharrell Williams are just some of the names that feature in this documentary giving their support to Miley. For a girl that seems to just twerk and stick her tongue out at any option these are some big names to have in her first album as an adult.

My main reason for watching this documentary was to find out what inspired her wacky VMA performance where she decided to wear this creepy bear outfit, before stripping off into this nude latex outfit and grinding up on Robin Thicke. Like with previous performances done by Madonna and Britney, Miley did it for the attention and to have the most talked about performance for weeks to come.

As much as I feel Miley was honest throughout the whole of this documentary, I felt that this documentary was just another way of promoting her album and her latest single. This documentary must have been planned months in advance so MTV knew exactly what they, as well as Miley, wanted.

You can either love or hate Miley but right now she is making money and building a powerful fan base at the same time, whether she is doing it morally or not. 'Miley: The Movement' is not a transition as she is the same person but it is a movement into the future. I do feel people do need to lay off Miley - many artists in the past have all used their sexuality to shock and sell their music. This trend will not die down anytime soon - for every Adele, there will be about ten Mileys.

Catch 'Miley: The Movement' on MTV.

'Wentworth Prison'

Recently I have been very critical over Channel 5’s imports, with 'Love/Hate' and 'Under The Dome' being examined over the past few weeks. Not to ruin this trend I have decided to take a look into the latest prison drama 'Wentworth Prison'. With Channel 5 being the home of 'Home And Away' and 'Neighbours' in the daytime, it makes sense to have an Aussie evening drama - a modern day spin off of 'Prisoner Cell Block H', showing how Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) started out in prison in her early years, and the struggles she faces while in prison.

With any prison system there is always a tog dog, the one that will mess you up if you dare to cross them and 'Wentworth Prison' is no different. Jacqueline ‘Jacs’ Holt (Kris McQuade) plays this role with such conviction - she can send shivers down your spine each time she is glaring at her next victim. One person aiming to take down Jacs is Francesca ‘Franky’ Doyle (Nicole da Silva), who knows how to use her sexuality to get what she wants. As the series goes on, you can see the power struggles in Cell Block H and everyone taking sides between Franky and Jacs.

Now I try my best not to compare shows but whenever I watch 'Wentworth Prison' it makes me wish that 'Bad Girls' never ended. 'Bad Girls' had the drama with a pinch of humour, which had UK fans hooked for over six years. As much as 'Wentworth Prison' may lack in the humour it surely makes up in compelling drama, which keeps your appetite just a little bit wetter each episode.

With series two already picked up by Channel 5 these feisty ladies will be back on our screens causing lots more drama. My problem with this show is that in the long run I can see 'Orange Is The New Black' eclipsing 'Wentworth Prison' to become the top prison show. I hope that series two does not drag on as much as series one as there have been moments when I have simply just stared into space. However in the mean time 'Wentworth Prison' has crashed into Channel 5 and looks like it will be staying for a while.

Catch 'Wentworth Prison' on Channel 5 every Wednesday at 10pm.

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