Telly Text #22: The Face UK + Body Of Proof

on Monday, November 11, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew

'The Face UK'

I've never been one to understand modelling, I don't get why people need to be paid so much to walk up and down a runway. People like Naomi Campbell have made a living out of walking up and down but she is now turning herself into a reality television icon with her new show 'The Face'.

To give you a brief summary, 'The Face' is a cross between 'Britain And Ireland’s Next Top Model' and 'The Voice'. There are three supermodel mentors: Caroline Winberg, Erin O’Connor and Naomi Campbell. Who have to battle in teams of four each week in modelling challenges until there is only one girl standing who is crowned 'The Face'...yes, just like 'The Voice'!

Each mentor brings their own approach on coaching their teams to do the best they can. O’Connor is well spoken and the most encouraging out of these supermodels, she is really the only one that portrays models in a positive light. Winberg is your Swedish sex bomb that is just far too cocky to watch after a while, whether winning or losing. Finally we come to Campbell, the dictator mentor that forces her team to write everything down on pen and paper, yells at her girls and generally comes across poorly.

With all the competition between the supermodels, you tend to forget all about the girls on their teams. They become a lot more like backing dancers to the actual stars of the show. Naomi’s team of girls even start turning more and more into her puppets each episode with their awful attitude and bitchy comments.

With 'Britain And Ireland’s Next Top Model' recently being axed by Sky Living in favour of 'The Face UK' there will clearly be a series two. This show only works for one reason - everyone wants to see Naomi Campbell showing her evil (true?) colours. Without Naomi yelling and putting down the competition this show would another average modelling show. Honestly I can see this desperate show sinking down the ratings and into the axed machine in the near future.

Catch 'The Face UK' every Monday at 9pm on Sky Living.

'Body Of Proof'

One thing Channel 5 have going for them is their US dramas. 'CSI', 'The Mentalist' and 'Person Of Interest' are just some of the American dramas that Channel 5 has picked up over the years. 'Body Of Proof' is a medical drama starring Dana Delany as Dr Megan Hunt - a sassy medical examiner who does not mince her words. This show has recently been cancelled in the USA but with a Facebook campaign to bring the show and some cancelled dramas already in the US - it looks like 'Body Of Proof' could be making a comeback.

Each episode we get to see Dr Megan Hunt analyse bodies and solve cases as well build a relationship with her daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser). Megan is packing a lot of attitude and I will not deny she is a bit of an Ice-Queen, which in the beginning can turn you off her slightly, but she does have her reasons. When Megan accidentally kills a patient on the operating table, she leaves her medical career and finds her true calling in forensic.

It feels weird to write about a show that has been cancelled by ABC in the US, but I after seeing the work that one man in the UK is doing to bring back 'Body Of Proof' it gives hope for other cancelled shows to be revived. With a Facebook group called Save Body Of Proof attracting over thirty thousand followers and counting, this group and active everyday encouraging followers to write letters, tweets and just generally keep the faith in bringing back 'Body Of Proof'.

'Body Of Proof' has been a rating hit for Channel 5 since 2011 as well as an international hit worldwide. With the recent downfall of many new shows in the US, I doubt we will even see these shows air in the UK. 'Body Of Proof' has found a home in Channel 5 and if this revival does happen I have a feeling Channel 5 would be willing to buy the rights to series four. Bringing back 'Body of Proof' could start a trend of other shows being brought back from the television graveyard.

Catch 'Body Of Proof' on Channel 5

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